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New coach for CU Lacrosse

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By NewsTeam Boulde... - Posted on 11 March 2010

Slacks, dress shirt and a tie are uncommon sights these days for athletic head coaches on the sidelines, but for University of Colorado Lacrosse Head Coach Pete Stevenson, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stevenson’s on-field attire is from his belief of looking professional on game day and honoring the old coaches back in the day, including his great grandfather.

“My great grandfather was a football coach for a long time at Weber State University in Utah and this is the way that he dressed,” Stevenson said wearing slacks, a dress shirt and a tie under a sweater on a cold winter evening at Kittredge Field. “I kind of always believed that coaching is a classy thing. I miss the times when men would go to games in their shirt and ties and it was something that they dressed up for.”

An All-American in college at BYU, Stevenson has been coaching junior high and high school lacrosse in his home state of Utah for the past couple of years, however Stevenson’s ultimate goal was to coach a Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association division I team.

He finally got the chance last fall after receiving a text message from a friend saying that the CU job was open.

Stevenson jumped at the opportunity for his dream job with the Buffs, who had been coached in recent years by John Galvin and were coming off of a season where they finished fourth in the nation. However, the job opportunity also meant him leaving his daughters, girlfriend, and friends back in Utah.

“I miss my family, my girlfriend lives in Utah, and my family is out there,” Stevenson said. “I obviously miss them, but this is a dream job for me. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I am so happy to be a part of a great program like CU.”

Now living in Colorado, Stevenson spends most of his time on lacrosse, either in the form of writing for his blog on, setting up youth lacrosse clinics, or watching hours of game film every day.

“I sleep about four hours a night and I wake up with fits trying to figure out some problem, and I go to bed watching film,” Stevenson said. “Lacrosse is what I do.”

Now that he has been at the helm of the program for a couple months, Stevenson said one of the problems that he has faced is having his players trust the system that he runs on the field.

“You have to convince your team to buy in to all that you are selling,” Stevenson said. “You have to come into a new system with new players and new seniors who don’t know you, who don’t know what you are about, and you have to convince them what you are running is going to be effective.”

So far his players seem to be buying into what he is selling as they bounced back after a season opening loss to New Hampshire with a 17-7 victory over No. 3 Simon Fraser on Sunday.

The players have also seemed to enjoy the laid back fun atmosphere that Stevenson has also been providing

“It is a little bit more relaxed and a little different then what we have been used to in my first three years here,” said CU senior midfielder Tyler Snyder. “It is new blood and sometimes that is what we need in a program.”

Stevenson may be in a new state and away from his family and friends, but for him, coaching the Colorado Buffaloes is one of the best jobs in the country.

“As far as Colorado lacrosse, this is a great job,” Stevenson said. “A top 40 or 50 job in the nation as far as coaching goes, so there isn’t a lot more that is out there that is better.”

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